Cricket legend who downed 52 beers on boozy flight admits it ‘caused some cr*p’

David Boon said he regrets his epic 52 beer-supping session on a flight as it’s all some folk remember him for.

The mustachioed Aussie cricketer scored 21 centuries, 7,000 Test runs and made more than 100 international appearances which helped his nation win their first World Cup.

But it is the half-century he notched up on a flight from Australia to England in 1989 that secured his legendary status. He went on to become the face of Victoria Bitter.

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But now 62 and chairman of Cricket Tasmania, Boon said he regretted the binge. “What I won’t deny is that we had a beer,” he said. “But to be honest if it was that many how the hell would I know?

“We all do stupid things in our lives and I’ll finish by just being serious. You have fun you do something and then you think ‘s*** what about the ramifications’, to your family to your children.

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“It caused some cr*p over the years and it’s something that I regret a lot. And I was stupid to be able to do that when you’re in the public eye.’’

Boon said the session was initiated by legendary Australian bowler Terry Alderman and was “egged” on by his team mates.

Batsman Dean Jones, who died in 2020 aged 59, claimed to have kept pace with Boon for 22 beers before falling asleep. He said he was woken by thunderous applause and an announcement from the plane’s captain saying Boon had reached 52.

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