What happened after WWE Raw went off air

If you watched WWE Raw on TV this week, you might have assumed Kurt Angle’s defeat to Drew McIntyre was the crescendo.

The show, which took place at the Manchester Arena, went off air just after McIntyre forced Angle into submission with an ankle lock – his opponent’s patented move.

But there was a twist.

After the cameras had stopped rolling, the crowd inside the arena – who were already in raptures – were treated to more action.

McIntyre, basking in the glory, was heading up the ramp alongside Dolph Ziggler, who had turned up to further punish Angle.

He helped McIntyre in a double-team assault on Angle.

Then Braun Strowman arrived to mix things up.

As our exclusive footage shows, Strowman came to Angle’s rescue.

He pulverised Drew on the ramp then hit a running powerslam on Dolph.

Braun turned around and walked straight into a Claymore from McIntyre.

It looked like he might be in trouble, but he got up, dusted himself off and drilled Drew with a final running powerslam.

Job done. The fans inside the arena were sent home well and truly ecstatic.

Despite Strowman’s intervention, McIntyre laid down a marker by defeating the legendary Angle, forcing him to tap out with his opponent’s trademark hold, in the final match of the evening.

It was reminiscent of Angle’s ‘arrival moment’ all those years ago when he he submitted Hulk Hogan at King of the Ring 2002.

Earlier in the night, Ronda Rousey riled up the crowd, the Raw Tag Team Championship changed hands and there were more cheers for Roman Reigns, who is bravely battling leukaemia.

The show, in line with American TV, was broadcast at 1am Tuesday morning (on Sky Sports Arena for British viewers).

Similarly, WWE Smackdown will also take place in Manchester on Tuesday night.

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