MMA rivals left unrecognisable after both fighters left with swollen faces

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Not even their mothers could have recognised them after Mateusz Makarowski and Krystian Blezien absolutely beat the living hell out of each other on Saturday night.

The two Polish fighters traded punches throughout their three-round bout, gradually doing more and more damage to each other's face during MMA Attack 4. By the end of the clash, the Bedzin Arena in Poland had been treated to one of the bloodiest contests in recent memory.

And both men looked completely different by the time the final bell rang while their recovery might take a while before the swellings go down. A picture shared on social media showed to the true extent of the brutality, with nearly every part of the face extremely swollen as well as several cuts and bruises.

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While both pictures show two men who have taken some serious beatings, Blezien appears to have suffered it worse. His nose has inflated while his lips look like a plastic surgery job gone wrong.

Makarowski is no supermodel, though, and his eyes are doing well to stay in his head after his sockets grew to the size of golf balls while also appearing to need stitches in both eyebrows.

After 15 minutes of undiluted mayhem, it was Makarowski that claimed the victory after winning on points while both lightweight fighters showed incredible resilience to still be standing.

It takes his record to 9-4 while Blezien has now lost four of his 10 professional MMA fights. Considering the wounds suffered by both, it was a miracle that the fight went the distance.

And the clash only seriously picked up in the second round after a competitive first, with real damage being seen on the two fighters' faces following some savage heavy blows.

For a time, it appeared that both were just standing as they took turns punching each other in the face – showing remarkable durability to still be up right. It was a similar story in the third round as the crowd loudened as the blows flew in.


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