Brutal insult after McGregor excuses

CONOR McGregor finally shared his brutally honest thoughts on his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, but not everyone is buying the Irishman’s take on his fourth round capitulation.

McGregor was choked out by Khabib after failing to counter the Dagestani’s devastating ground game, spectacularly ending months of boasting in one fell swoop.

in an essay posted to Instagram this week, the former double champ admitted he dangerously underestimated his opponent’s striking power but insisted he won the first round from a “fight standpoint”

But Nurmagomedov’s manager was far from convinced.

Days after squashing the Irish star’s call for a rematch, Ali Abdelaziz doubled down on his McGregor attack and took down his lengthy fight recap piece by piece.

“First of all the champion is too busy enjoying his life and his family and does not give a sh** what anyone says but this is my response to this weak soul, him and his sorry ass team already making some stupid ass excuses,” he wrote on Instagram.

“When a man gets held against his will and listens to you gasp for air, hopeless on your back how do you win a fight? If this was a street fight you’d be done. You got out grappled and out wrestled, looking like a little child.”

“Go open a liquor store and focus on selling alcohol especially after all the sh** you talked. Just stfu and move on,” Abdelaziz concluded.

McGregor’s 400-word Instagram manifesto did include some praise for the fiery Russian, who sent the night into rare territory after jumping over the cage barrier and launching himself at McGregor’s team.

The Irishman said his opponent was “blessed” with the second round punch which landed him on his backside but admitted he was outplayed as Khabib changed his tack.

“He is running away around the cage before being blessed with a right hand that changed the course of the round, and the fight,” McGregor added.

“It was a nice shot.

“After the shot I bounced back up to engage instantly, but again he dipped under to disengage. That is the sport and it was a smart move that led to a dominant round, so no issue. Well played.”

Khabib may indeed have bigger fish to fry after a gutsy call-out to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather sent mouths running.

Mamma mia.Source:AP

The two undefeated fighters looked set to lock horns after Mayweather expressed an interest in the MMA champ’s offer, but a quick reality check from UFC president Dana White hosed down thoughts of another cross-code superfight.

“Don’t pay attention to it,” White said via AFP. “The Mayweather team has not approached us at all. Khabib is under contract with the UFC. We haven’t talked to anybody from the Mayweather team. Floyd is very good at getting his name back out there whenhe’s ready.” Nurmagomedov told Mayweather adviser and renowned boxing promoter Leonard Ellerbe in an online video that “We have to fight”. Mayweather, on the other hand, told TMZ his team can “make it happen.”

Khabib manager Abdelaziz told ESPN his fighter would respect his contract with the UFC but said he was “open” to a boxing throwdown with Mayweahter.

“You have a guy who is 50-0, a guy who is 27-0 — both have never tasted defeat. Khabib brings 2.5 billion Muslims around the world, some of the richest countries in the world, and they’re behind him. Floyd Mayweather is a megastar. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. If the two forces clash, that’s areal fight.”

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has suspended Nurmagomedov temporarily for his post-fight actions after thrashing McGregor, climbing out of the octagon and fighting members of the Irishman’s entourage. A disciplinary ban into next year is possible.

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