British UFC ring girl leaves fans going ‘phwoar’ as she shows off abs workout

British UFC ring girl Carly Baker left fans going 'phwoar' as she showed off her flat stomach during an abs workout.

Baker prepared for the intense workout by tying up her blonde hair into a bun while wearing a tiny white crop top revealing her toned washboard stomach, along with a pair of pink shorts. Then she switched into a black gym long-sleeved top and matching shorts, before completing the outfit with a pair on Nike trainers.

The UFC stunner then gave fans a treat by proceeding to record her gruelling home exercise programme that consisted of an ab workout, side leg lifts, leg drop extensions, straight leg cycles, and hundreds. But she wasn't done yet and continued the intense session by introducing kettlebells to do in and outs, before switching to roll up with twists.

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And then Baker turned the twist into roll up to a high boat. A plank with hip dips was the next exercise on the list, which transitioned into a spiderman plank, followed by alternate toe touches. The corkscrew, bicycle crunches, and Russian twists wrapped up the session for the smiling model.

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She captioned it: "CORE EXERCISES Try these burning ab exercises!". But one fan put a cheeky twist on Baker's caption by renaming it: "You mean Phwoar Exercises…" A second user gushed: "Good stuff Carly. You have an amazing bod, and I'm sure it comes with lots of hard work and food sacrifices along the way. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work."

Then a third admirer said: "I could watch you all day. So very beautiful xxx." Before a slew of other users left a cascade of praise for Baker on the post. It's not the first time Baker's blown fans away with her stunning physique.

Last November, she left fans speechless when she shared a clip of herself doing squats in the gym in figure-hugging clobber. She gained notoriety as the first European ring girl in the Octagon, but she's also got a ton of other accolades to her name, including a topless feature in Maxim and a song collab with Gary Barlow.


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