Genie Bouchard’s twin sister lifts lid on family split: ‘She’s almost a stranger’

Eugenie Bouchard’s failure to qualify for this year’s Australian Open might give her some time to catch up with her twin sister.

Eugenie, currently ranked 141st in the world, fell two wins short of earning a place at Melbourne Park for next month’s season-opening grand slam, but her recent play has been overshadowed by a bombshell interview given by her twin sister, Beatrice.

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Beatrice, a 26-year-old influencer, sat down for an extended chat about her burgeoning social media presence but ended up lifting the lid on the divide in a family once described as Canada’s answer to the Kardashians.

All four children of Montreal investment banker Michel Bouchard and Julie Leclair – Eugenie, Beatrice, Charlotte and William – were named after royals. And their family has been just as complicated at times.

“We’re not a simple, happy, perfect family – actually far from it,” Beatrice said. “My parents got divorced, they weren’t happy together. Genie was with my mom pretty much her whole life. My dad was with me, Charlotte and Will. We were very separated and it created a lot of tension between my mom and me, between Charlotte and Will, and my dad and Genie.

“It’s still to this day not perfect at all. I’ve seen Genie twice a year since I was 10. I know some people at the grocery store better than I know her. It’s crazy, it’s like she’s almost a stranger. People are just like ‘why don’t you travel with her? why don’t you go with her to Wimbledon and the French Open ever year?’

Genie Bouchard at Roland Garros last year.Source:Instagram

Beatrice says her sister is like a stranger to her.Source:Instagram

“A, I was in school and had a life to lead too. And B, who is going to pay for that? She wasn’t paying for that. People probably assumed, ‘oh like, go with your sister, she’ll bring you everywhere’. No. My sister brought me nowhere. And if I wanted to go (and) watch her at Wimbledon, she’d say, ‘okay come see me, buy your ticket, buy your plane ticket’.”

Beatrice started building a social media presence after getting some attention when her sister posted a photo of them to her Instagram.

She has 365,000 Instagram followers but still lives in the shadow of her sister, who soared to fame in 2014 when she made the semi-finals at the Australian and French Opens and lost the Wimbledon final to Petra Kvitova.

“(I) have always been compared to my twin sister my whole life, and that is heavy, let me tell you, it’s heavy. People come up to me (and say), ‘oh, you’re the sister! Oh hi, are you the sister of? Can I take a picture with you? What’s your name? You’re the sister, right, but what’s your name?’” Beatrice said.

Eugenie Bouchard has 2.1 million Instagram followers.Source:Instagram

Beatrice says it’s hard being known as ‘the sister’.Source:Instagram

“So just picture that for like, 2o years. You don’t even feel like your own person. I’m just the sister. I joke about it like, ‘oh yeah, I’m the sister, Nice to meet you. I don’t have a name. I’m the sister’. I’m just orbiting around my sister, I’m not my own. I’m six minutes older, I was born first. She’s my sister.

“I know it’s not meant in a malicious (sense), it’s not meant in a bad way. But that definitely affects my confidence, I’m just always, ‘oh my god, can someone say something different for once?”

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