Elina Svitolina

Q & A

Q Greatest athlete in the world right now

A Cristiano Ronaldo.

Q A sport that is not tennis which you like to watch

A Football.

Q Last movie that you made you cry

A Erm, I think it was about boxing, I don’t remember.

Q One memory of Singapore you’ll keep with you

A Playing in the WTA Finals.

Q One thing in tennis you would change

A Make the season shorter.

Q Weirdest thing a fan has given you or asked from you

A My socks? (laughs)

Q One stroke you would like to steal from another player

A Serve from (Milos) Raonic.

Q Biggest change in tennis in last five years

A Shot clock, probably?

Q Biggest celebrity crush

A I don’t know the name of the guy… I don’t know… wait, probably Robert Pattinson.

Q One place you would recommend people to visit in your home country

A Definitely my hometown, Odessa. It’s a beautiful place and you should visit their big theatre.

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