Zaha says his toenails have turned BLACK from Premier League kickings

Wilfried Zaha reveals his toenails have turned BLACK from the kickings he gets in the Premier League – as he says he’s stopped ‘wasting energy’ on fans who criticise him for diving

  • Wilfried Zaha has been the Premier League’s most fouled player since 2014
  • The 28-year-old says the barrage of fouls have caused his toenails to turn black
  • Zaha has scored five goals in eight Premier League matches so far this season 

Crystal Palace talisman Wilfried Zaha has revealed his toenails have turned black and ‘can’t recover anymore’ due to the number of fouls he has endured during his professional career.

The 28-year-old is one of the most skillful players in the Premier League and as a result draws a lot of attention from opposition defenders.

Sometimes though, those challenges can overstep the mark and consequently injure the Ivory Coast forward.

Wilfried Zaha says his toenails have turned black due to the number of fouls he has received

Zaha says his toenails ‘can’t recover anymore’ after being consistently fouled for seasons

And speaking to The Athletic, Zaha has revealed the long-lasting extent some of the fouls have had on his body.

‘People tell me to take it as a compliment but it’s difficult coming off the pitch with a dead leg,’ he said.

‘I’ve got black toenails, my toenails can’t recover anymore. It does hurt but I can’t hold a grudge about it.

‘The way I play welcomes tackles. It’s part and parcel, it’s going to happen, someone is going to come and tackle me and whatever. It’s life.’

Despite being the most fouled player in the Premier League since 2014, Zaha is still accused of diving by some within the top flight.

The 28-year-old says he doesn’t let diving accusations faze him as he concentrates on football

And while that used to irk him, he now says it doesn’t let those claims bother him as he solely concentrates on playing football.

‘People are going to say whatever they want. Unless you’re me, or a winger… if you’re travelling at a certain speed and you put your toe out, it’s going to trip me over and I’ll go flying,’ he continued.

‘There’s some fouls that are blatant but people will still say, “Oh, he’s diving again!” But I’m just wasting my energy even thinking about those things. I just play my game. 

‘This is the thing I’ve realised about football. I could come in today in red boots and someone will be like, “Why’s he not wearing blue boots?” These are things that don’t frustrate me anymore. I just get on with my game.’ 

Zaha, who has scored five goals in eight Premier League matches so far, knows he’ll be in for another tough evening on Monday night when the Eagles travel to Turf Moor to take on Burnley.

Crystal Palace’s star will hope to continue his fine start to the season on Monday at Burnley

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