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Rob McElhenney offered some words of encouragement to his Wrexham players after they slumped to a 5-0 defeat. The Red Dragons’ co-owner gave his approval after a fan issued a rally cry.

The Hollywood actor is known for his hands-on approach when it comes to running the Welsh club, alongside fellow A-Lister Ryan Reynolds. In this vein, it appears that the “It’s Always Sunny” funnyman was with his team all the way, even as they fell to a humbling thrashing versus Stockport County.

The first sign that McElhenney was tuning in came via the comedian’s Twitter/X page at half-time of the encounter. Already 3-0 down by this point, he predicted that head coach Phil Parkinson would get a rise out of his players for the second half.

Putting his full faith in the former Sunderland manager to rouse his troops at the interval, he posted: “Phil’s enthusiasm in the locker room will be off the charts. But never, ever leave a Wrexham game. Come on you reds!”

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However, their opponents would continue from where they left off following the break, with another two strikes to put the result beyond any doubt. With Louie Barry, Paddy Madden and hat-trick hero Isaac Olafoe on the mark for Stockport, the 5-0 loss was Wrexham’s second defeat of the campaign.

Despite this humiliation in Greater Manchester, it appears that McElhenney’s spirit is unshaken and the Philadelphian has already backed his team to put things right. An encounter with fellow promotion-chasers Crewe Alexandra is next up and the chairman is already predicting a reaction from Wrexham’s players.

A message of stoicism from Welcome to Wrexham star Millie Tipping inspired the club’s chairman to offer his own words of encouragement after the drubbing. He re-posted a message from the Dragons fan which read: “You know what, we might of [sic] lost but we win together, we lose together, we draw together. Lads, we go again against Crewe”.

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Wrexham manager Parkinson’s emotions were less positive following the heavy defeat, however, and he spoke honestly about his team’s shortcomings saying:”It’s as bad of a first-half that I can remember us playing in terms of all the fundamentals in football.

“So many times we gave the ball away in the back third and middle third and put ourselves under pressure, our selection of pass and weight of the pass, we put ourselves under so much pressure today.

He added: “Coming away to Stockport, it’s about getting a platform in a game, start properly, do the right things in the right areas of the pitch and build a performance. Today we were sloppy in everything we did and we’ve got to take our medicine.”

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