Republic of Ireland boss Kenny may lose job over 'anti-English' video

Republic of Ireland manager Stephen Kenny may lose his job after being hauled in front of his bosses at the Football Association of Ireland over ‘anti-English’ video that was shown before friendly defeat to England

  • The video was shown by Stephen Kenny before the 3-0 defeat at Wembley
  • The Football Association of Ireland also want to speak to two other coaches
  • Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has called for Kenny to be dismissed

Republic of Ireland boss Stephen Kenny was summonsed for emergency talks on Friday following Sportsmail’s revelation he showed his players a ‘propaganda’ video.

Kenny is hopeful of keeping his job despite a Football Association of Ireland investigation into the matter which saw the head coach show his squad a video with political connotations as a way of motivating them ahead of last week’s game against England, news we exclusively disclosed on Thursday.

The 49-year-old was called into for a urgent meeting with FAI bosses on Friday to establish the full details of what happened in the team meeting ahead of last Thursday’s 3-0 loss at Wembley.

The Football Association of Ireland are angry with Stephen Kenny for showing the video

It is understood FAI chiefs want to speak to coaches Damien Duff (above) and Keith Andrews

It is understood FAI chiefs also want to speak to coaches Damien Duff and Keith Andrews.

Players took varying degrees of offence to the video, with one source describing it as ‘anti-English’ while another indicating it was more aligned with ‘pro-Irish’ sentiments.

Nevertheless, there is significant frustration from inside the FAI regarding the incident which is being viewed, at the very least, as an error of judgement inside the governing body.

The FAI are keen for Kenny to gauge what level of regret he has over the issue, particularly given it offended at least one person enough to alert FAI chiefs.

The three-minute video referenced the Easter Rising in 1916, where Irish republicans launched an armed rebellion later stopped by the British who executed 16 of the ringleaders in Dublin.

Kenny was facing calls from outside the FAI on Friday to be sacked.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen told MailOnline: ‘By firing up old resentments, the video only fuels extremism and racism and has no place in football. We must kick it out.

The FAI regard the incident at the very least as an error of judgement from the manager Kenny

‘Can you imagine would happen if the England coach showed the England team films of the Second World War and the Nazi death camps before a match with Germany? It would have been career ending’.

Sportsmail columnist Martin Keown told talkSport: ‘Why do you need that motivation? This is a professional game of football.

‘I think Kenny’s in trouble.’

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