Nagelsmann says his tactics froze Messi and Mbappe out of the game

Julian Nagelsmann says his tactics helped freeze Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe out of the game… before praising ‘exceptional’ Josip Stanisic for helping Bayern Munich knock Paris Saint-Germain out of the Champions League

  • Paris Saint-Germain crashed out of the Champions League on Wednesday night
  • They lost 2-0 to Bayern Munich meaning the German side won 3-0 on aggregate
  • Julian Nagelsmann has praised Josip Stanisic and the club’s tactics on the night 

Julian Nagelsmann heaped praise on Josip Stanisic for his performance against Paris Saint-Germain and explained how his side’s game-plan froze the likes of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe out of the game.

Bayern Munich secured their place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on Wednesday evening after beating the Ligue 1 giants 2-0 following their 1-0 victory in Paris earlier this month.

Nagelsmann praised Stanisic for helping the German giants win 3-0 on aggregate and said Bayern’s tactics allowed them to control’ the game and ‘isolate’ PSG’s star players. 

When asked what made the difference on Wednesday night, Nagelsmann told L’Equipe: ‘I especially liked our generosity. We were able to use PSG to win on points. I would also like to praise Josip Stanisic, who has been exceptional.’

When asked to explain how Bayern were able to ‘use PSG’, Nagelsmann said: ‘We were able to control PSG with our game plan, which did not allow them to develop their actions.’

Julian Nagelsmann’s side knocked PSG out of the Champions League on Wednesday night

Nagelsmann heaped praise on Josip Stanisic for his performance against Paris Saint-Germain

He added: ‘The fact that Kylian Mbappe was unable to stand out is proof that we were there. We saw that Lionel Messi often went very low and we were able to isolate Mbappe.’

Nagelsmann also spoke about Bayern’s half-time team talk, claiming his side were ‘organised’ in the second half and this helped them overcome the French giants. 

He said: In the first half, my players didn’t completely follow the instructions, we left the Parisians too much space and we weren’t patient enough. 

‘In the locker room, we were able to draw the conclusions to come back better organised, with more rigour. In the end, both outward and return, we were well above.’

The Bayern manager went onto to say his side could win the Champions League if they showed the same amount of ‘heart’ and ‘generosity’ in their future games. However, he did emphasis the need for more structure within the team.  

Nagelsmann said: ‘If we [Bayern Munich] put as much heart, generosity, while adding an extra bit of structure, we can go all the way. The potential, we have it, we know it.’ 

Meanwhile, Mbappe – who was frozen out of the game on Wednesday night – said he was disappointed with the result but insisted PSG would regroup and ‘challenge’ themselves.

Speaking after the game, via RMC Sport, Mbappe said: ‘We are disappointed. That’s how it is, we have to move on, try to challenge everyone. They [Bayern] have a team built to win the Champions League.

‘At the start of the season, during the first Champions League press conference, I said that we were going to do our best. This is our maximum. We’re going to question ourselves and go back to our daily life in the championship.’

He said their tactics froze the likes of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe out of the game

However, the likes of Jamie Carragher said he was ‘delighted’ to see Paris Saint-Germain crash out of the competition and described the Ligue 1 club as a ‘mess’.

‘I am delighted that PSG have gone out,’ pundit Jamie Carragher said on CBS Sports. ‘I just don’t like the whole setup – everything about it. That is not a team, it is a mess.

‘Five years of the last seven, they have gone out at the Round of 16. They have spent more money than anyone. They have the best players in the world.

‘And this is brilliant because it shows you how important it is to actually be a team. It is really important in football. ‘

He went on to add: ‘We love individuals within a team but that is not a team. Kylian Mbappe has got to leave that club.’

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