Meet the gorgeous ex-Soccer AM soccerette who is now a fierce sexy wrestler

After 30 years, legendary Saturday morning show Soccer AM is set to air its final episode on Sky Sports.

Over the years, the TV show had countless segments and features, ranging from Skill Skool to the Hairy Strikers, which saw presenters dress up as Andy Carroll and Marouanne Fellaini complete with outrageous wigs.

However, there was one segment that will always live in infamy, namely – Soccerettes.

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A regular fixture on the show, Soccerettes ceased to be part of Soccer AM back in 2015. The feature would see female fans asked a series of questions to which a set of football fans in the audience would react to.

Alongside their age and relationship status, the Soccerettes would also don the shirt of their favourite team too.

And one of the more memorable Soccerettes appearances happened to come from pro-wrestler Angelina Love, who starred on Soccer AM back in 2009.

Appearing on the show, Love, whose real name is Lauren Williams, was interviewed by presenter Max Rushden, revealing her support for Leeds United, who back then were playing in League One.

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When asked how she was, Love, who at the time was wrestling for TNA, told Rushden: "Not as good as you are right now", much to the crowds delight.

However, when asked how old she was, Love sassily replied: "That I believe is none of your damn business" which the crowd again lapped up.

And then the biggest cheer of her time on Soccer AM came when Rushden then asked the all important question: "Are you single?" Drawing breathe, Love then replied: "Unfortunately for my ex, yes I am single" to raucous applause.

Then following some more rigorous questioning from Rushden, Love and her fellow wrestler, Velvet Sky, showed off their wrestling skills by taking down 'Baby Elvis' – better known now as Saturday Social's Adam Smith.

The pair then showed off their best moves, before selecting two fans from the audience to show off their skills, which again resulted in Smith being wrestled down on a mat.

Nowadays, Love wrestles for NWA, and is married to fellow wrestler Merton Woolard.


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