Laura Woods in stitches as shadow ‘makes her look like she’s got a willy’

Laura Woods is never afraid to put down any rude or inappropriate comments towards herself, or her colleagues.

However, on this occasion, the legendary TalkSPORT presenter joined in on the laughs, when somebody pointed out her latest photo made her look like she had a “willy”. Woods uploaded a photograph of herself on stage, working for DAZN.

As usual, she was coolness and style personified, as she rocked a full cream suit on the stage. However, her photograph was somewhat ruined by a perfect storm of unfortunate camera angles, lighting, and a social media fan with a very rude mind.

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“The shadow makes it look like you’ve got a willy,” the very dirty minded fan tweeted. Now, this would usually be the moment Woods rips the carpet from beneath their feet with a razor sharp quip off her own.

However, the 35-year-old saw the funny side and almost agreed with the fan’s comment. “This is incredibly childish. And also very funny,” Woods replied. Yet the tongue in cheek remarks kept on coming as the fan very swiftly added, "sad thing is, it looks way better than what I have".

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As much as oneself may not want to agree, you can definitely see where the reader is coming from when it comes to the picture. A spotlight from above appears to be shining directly on Woods while she was talking on the stage.

This then fell directly on her microphone, creating a shadow going down the middle of her suit and her legs. It can perhaps be assumed Woods will not be able to ignore the shadow, now it has been pointed out to her.

Which will likely come as a huge disappointment as it is a very smart and sharp action shot of her doing what she does best. If Woods is determined to rid the photo of the unfortunate, but undoubtedly amusing shadow, she could either learn how to use photoshop or even ask someone in the social media universe.

But considering the risque mind of that particular fan, and many others who jumped on the bandwagon when they realised, asking the social media universe to photoshop the picture may be a very risky move.

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