Klopp details Liverpool’s definitive stance on signing a defender this month

Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool must “fight against the world” to deliver the club’s “most special season ever”.

The Reds boss was in frank mood as he admitted he doesn’t have the funds to dive into the January transfer window to sign the experienced, top class centre half his side so desperately needs.

But Klopp insisted there is no use moaning about the lack of a signing to answer his defensive injury crisis – because all football clubs have been wiped out by the financial devastation wreaked by the coronavirus crisis sweep the globe.

Instead, he says his job is to work with what he has, and inspire his Champions to even greater heights under such adversity, and produce another trophy-laden season that will rank amongst Liverpool's greatest.

"A supporter may look at it and think 'they need a centre half and the other team has a good one so bring him in’. I understand that but my job is not that,” he explained.

“My job is to really to make the players we have here as strong as possible to deal with the trickiest situation you can imagine – three senior centre halves and they are all injured.

“We cannot sort it now in the transfer market. The club tries what it can. But if they can't then we have to do what we did so far, even when everyone is thinking 'now they have no chance’.

“We must get stronger as a group, stick more together and fight against the world. Fight against the circumstances.

"Strike back with all you have and make it the most special season ever.”

Klopp was clear in his message that while he would obviously love to sign a centre half – with Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez out for the season, and Joel Matip again sidelined with injury – Covid-related losses all clubs have suffered make it almost impossible.

The likes of Kalidou Koulibaly at Napoli and Leipzig’s Dayot Upamecano are valued at prices way beyond Liverpool’s current budget, while another target, Bayern’s David Alaba is also financially out of reach.

And the manager said: “It is not that I say 'by the way, a centre half would be really nice' and they (the owners) say 'wow, a centre half, really, why?” he explained.

“It is all clear. It is all on the table. We work on that, you can imagine. it is just not likely because of the situation in the world. We should not forget that the situation is a tough one for all people, and for football clubs as well.

“If the world was in a normal place, everything fine, would it be a situation where normally we do something? Yes, definitely. But we are not in that situation

“It’s not the best situation for the whole planet, so why should it be for the football club? And on top of that we have January and it is not the easiest transfer window. On top of that it is not having the money exactly as you want.”

Klopp though, did not hold back in admitting that a signing would help: “Is there something we can do to improve out situation, yes, it is clear, everyone knows that.

“But it is like it is – it happens so we have to deal it. We played without three centre halves and yet nobody said to us 'so that's your excuse for not winning football games.'

"No, no-one said that, but it changed everything for us, playing with different centre halves constantly, it changed everything, it changed the protection of the game, the whole set-up is different. Nobody is interested in that.

“No pundits, no journalists – no-one says that. It is ok, we are Liverpool and we have to win football games, we know that is what we try all the time, but we deal with the situation as good as we can.”

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