Keane hit nail on the head in heated Solskjaer argument with Carragher

Manchester United and Liverpool might be friends off the pitch these days, or at least their owners seem to be, but for the players on the field it has always been rather different.

If you've played for one there will always seem to be that spikiness when it comes to the other, regardless of where the two clubs are in the Premier League table.

Prior to this season, of course, it was Liverpool who were ruling the roost in the battle over the past few years, winning the Champions League in 2019 and then the Premier League in 2020.

This campaign has seen a drop off for a variety of reasons though, and that has allowed to United to take the upper hand in the battle.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side might not win the league title, but a win over Liverpool on Sunday will ensure that they finish above their rivals from Merseyside this season, something which would be quite the turnaround given that they finished 33 points behind last season's champions.

It would also be a feather in the cap for Solskjaer, who has overcome repeated questions about his suitability for the job to guide his side towards a more than respectable campaign.

He's still got a way to go to get United to where they really want to be of course, and Liverpool seem likely to improve next season, but for now he can surely reflect on a job well done.

Solskjaer might also like to take in the words of his former United skipper Roy Keane, who launched a passionate defence of the Norwegian back in January 2020 when he was questioned about his role at club by Liverpool great Jamie Carragher.

At a time when pressure was growing on the manager, Keane insisted that he be given time in order to see if he could improve.

Almost a year-and-a-half on from the argument, you can certainly say he's done that.

Here's how it went back then:

RK: "We question Ole. 'He's not up to it'. Question his CV. But for some reason other managers go to clubs and given the benefit of the doubt."

JC: "Probably the CV gives him the benefit of the doubt."

RK: "Frank Lampard's at Chelsea. I saw Chelsea last night…"

JC: "He's been in the job six months"

RK: "And I'd say the same, give him time. Give Ole a bit of time. How long has Ole been in the job?"

JC: "18 months."

RK: "Is it that long? I don't think it's been an 18 months."

[Presenter Dave Jones confirms it was after Mourinho was sacked in December 2018]

RK: "16 months. Give the man a chance. I watched Chelsea last night. Chelsea, decent team, they couldn't get the job done. Frank Lampard lost eight games. But for some reason 'Frank's doing alright'. Because he's English, I don't know. Frank's track record, went to Derby, didn't get promoted. But Frank's the answer for Chelsea, he hasn't. But give him time. Give the man time. Nothing to do with Ole and all this carry on. Give him time.

"And the three previous managers before Ole, are you telling me they didn't know what the game was about, Jamie? They know what the game is about."

JC: "So who's the problem?! Tell me what the problem is at Manchester United!"

RK: "Yeah but Moyes was given a six-year contract, Alex Ferguson on the pitch going 'get behind the manager. Back him'. Give him a bit more time!

JC: "So would you have kept David Moyes?

RK: "I'd have given him a bit more time. Not eight months. And I wouldn't have sacked him on Twitter! You telling me David Moyes didn't deserve more than eight months?"

JC: "I think he did, yeah. OK, how long would you give Ole?

RK: "I would certainly give him another year, one hundred per cent, another year."

JC: "And you think that would get United back to the top?"

RK: "I hope so."

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