Jamie Carragher slams ‘worst run club in the country’ Everton after Lampard sack

Jamie Carragher has torn into his boyhood team Everton and named them as the worst run club in the country after Frank Lampard was finally sacked during their relegation battle.

Liverpool hero Carragher spoke about the dismissal of Lampard in a scathing assessment of the Goodison Park outfit with fans fuming at owner Farhad Moshiri for a series of poor investments.

Appearing on Monday Night Football alongside Gary Neville, Carragher said when asked if the sacking of Lampard was the correct one: "Yeah, I think so.

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"A decision had to be made, and I always feel with a manager, if you’ve got a similar record to the guy before who you replace – so Rafa Benitez was on a similar sort of run, one win in 12 or something like that – you can’t complain then when the club decide to make a change.

"So we’re gonna look at Everton this season and the underlying numbers as well really. You look where they are with points, we know where they are – joint bottom of the table with Southampton. The problem is the underlying numbers in terms of expected goals, expected goals per game is pretty much where they are."

As well as criticising the performances, Carragher saved some fury for the leadership team off the pitch, with fans backing Lampard long after their run of poor performances began.

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Carragher added: "Their own supporters haven’t got banners in the crowd for Frank Lampard, they’ve got them for Farhad Moshiri and the board. I said on this programme six to 12 months ago Everton are the worst run club in the country, and it wasn’t a flippant remark – I believed it.

"I’m not saying that as an ex-Liverpool player, I’m saying that as an ex-Everton fan.

"When I made that comment Everton got in touch with me and I actually admired it, almost on the front foot trying to defend their club, and I thought okay, fair enough, you say some things in the media and people come back at you, but I didn’t think I was wrong then, and I’m not wrong when I say it now."

With Carragher explaining how Everton spoke to him after his scathing comment, he went on to say that Moshiri doesn't know what he is doing – and just has a lot of money.

He said: "When every club fails you’ve got to look at the top. That’s Farhad Moshiri, and it’s a mess. At Everton there is a big divide between Farhad Moshiri, Bill Kenwright and Denise Baxendale, everybody knows that, everyone in the city, and everyone around the club.

"I actually look at it and think what is the role of Bill Kenwright and Denise Baxendale at that football club? It’s not financial, and the owner is not listening to them, he does his own thing."

Concluding: "Frank Lampard’s gone yes, but them banners aren’t going anywhere until those people have left the club. Until there’s serious change there, they’re not going to get the fans back on side, it was them who kept them up."


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