Ian Wright called out by Matt Le Tissier after Match of the Day snub

Matt Le Tissier has called out Ian Wright for his decision to snub Match of the Day in solidarity under-fire host Gary Lineker by bizarrely claiming he should have shown more support for Sky Sports’ decision to axe him, Phil Thompson and Charlie Nicholas from Soccer Saturday. The former Southampton midfielder, who no longer works within punditry after facing the chop in 2020, has now attacked Wright over his decision which has left the BBC scratching around for additional replacements for this weekend’s production.

Speaking on GB News, Le Tissier has come out gunning for the Arsenal icon in a bitter tirade in which he dragged up previous comments made by Wright in August 2020.

Le Tissier said: “It’s really interesting as Ian is taking a stand for his mate and fellow TV worker.

“But what’s really interesting about it is that if you go back three years and have a look at the reaction of Ian Wright to the sacking of myself, Phil Thompson and Charlie Nicholas and you will see that reaction is completely contradictory to the way he acted to this.

“It’s all very well taking this stand but you know, let’s show a bit of consistency with this Wrighty. If you’re watching you know what I’m on about.

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He certainly didn’t stand in solidarity with the three of us. It was a case of old people that have had their time and it’s time to move onto some younger people. It was along those lines. It shouldn’t be too hard to find it.

It isn’t hard to find the comments online that Le Tissier is referencing but it appears the 54-year-old has perhaps got the wrong end of the stick.

Wright took to social media two-and-a-half years ago to jump to the defence of his fellow black pundits amid claims Le Tissier, Thompson and Nicholas were axed to tick quotas.

The former England striker was furious with the suggestions as he felt they undermined the excellent work of the likes of Micah Richards, Alex Scott and more as he launched a passionate defence of his colleagues.

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“I’ve had to pull the car over. The racism is going through the roof today,” Wright said in August 2020 before declaring his sympathy with the former Sky Sports trio for losing their jobs.

“Somebody answer me this: what does Micah Richards, Alex Scott, Sol Campbell, Clinton Morrison or any other black pundit have to do with Sky’s decision to get rid of these guys, all because three middle aged white guys have got the sack?

“What have these guys done? Because a black person or woman might get the opportunity to do this job? Why are people upset?

“Micah Richards is the most exciting pundit we’ve seen in years. Keep their names out of your stinking, unbrushed teeth mouths.

“Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicholas, Phil Thompson, they’ve had an unbelievable run, it’s been a great show. This happens to everyone in the industry.

“This is Sky’s decision to evolve the show. And I wish them all the very best. Yes, you can be disappointed that it’s come to an end for those guys, they’ve done brilliantly.

“But why does it have to be racially driven? What’s it got to do with Black Lives Matter or the fact that black people may get an opportunity to get those jobs? What?”

Le Tissier couldn’t end his interview with GB News without taking additional swipes at Wright and Match of the Day.

When asked if he’d be tuning into the show without Lineker, Wright and Alan Shearer, he responded smugly: No I will be around my neighbours house celebrating his birthday. I will not be watching Match of the Day.

“Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I find it easier to record it so I can fast forward past the boring bits.”

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