Goalkeeper ‘duped into drinking urine’ before squirting it back has ban reduced

A non-league goalkeeper suspended for spraying a fan with a water bottle that they had allegedly urinated into has seen his ban reduced from three matches to one.

Warrington Town shot stopper Tony Thompson was sent off for his reaction to the alleged incident during aN FA Trophy tie against Guiseley last weekend.

He furiously reacted by spraying a fan with the water bottle he had drank from and was subsequently sent off by the referee. But after appealing the dismissal, he will now only miss his side’s next fixture against South Shields, his club have confirmed in a statement.

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“While in some ways the reduction in suspension is welcomed, it is disappointing not to have had it rescinded completely,” club chairman Toby Macormac said in a statement. “It makes it even more challenging for us in terms of considering what to do with our goalkeeper situation.

“Clubs are understandably reluctant to loan out another player for just one match; and we wouldn’t want to agree to a deal that requires a goalkeeper to play three or four matches with us, as that would then further impact on Tony, who has already been put through enough during this process.

“We are faced with potentially having to play young Kian Hall, who only made his first team debut at the weekend, in one of our biggest matches of the season as a consequence of an unprecedented incident.”

The club also confirmed video footage and other evidence including the bottle used in the incident has been passed onto Cheshire Police, who also confirmed human urine was in the water bottle after testing it.

Guiseley reciprocated by sharing eye witness statements and video footage of the incident while carrying out their own investigations.

"Today I fell out of love with the GAME,” Thompson wrote in a social media post after the game. “I’ve been called many names but for someone to p*** in my bottle, for me to drink it and then to be told I wasn’t allowed to react because I’m a player is outrageous.

"That person has put me, my family’s health at risk and knocked me sick."

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