Glenn Hoddle let WAGs visit England stars in 98 – but wasn’t as relaxed as Sven

Ex-England manager Glenn Hoddle says he had no problem with WAGs visiting the camp – but says he wasn't as as laid-back as Sven-Goran Eriksson.

England's 2006 World Cup campaign in Germany became famous for the influx of wives and girlfriends throughout the tournament under a chilled-out Sven.

Four years later in South Africa, a domineering Capello sought to avoid the Baden-Baden circus by banning them.

But Hoddle, who managed England at the 1998 World Cup, insists he was in between the two before the the heartbreaking exit at the hands of Argentina.

He said it was healthy to allow players to see their other halves as this was important in keeping them happy.

But he also said players should understand the importance of sacrifice, and urged Southgate's stars to do the same.

Speaking to Daily Star Sport at a Betfair event ahead of Euro 2020, Hoddle said: "I think I was in the middle of them two really (Sven and Capello), we we tried to give them leeway, we let wives in on certain days, coming into the camp and then we were sort of on our own, working away.

"It's very difficult. But I look at the rugby team that won the World Cup. If you ask them now, that sacrifice they made was it worth it, you know what they've going to say.

"You don't know that if you're going into a World Cup, you don't know you're going to win it. There's going to be downside, how you deal with the downside, there are numerous ways of doing it.

"But I think players have to be responsible to say, look this is it, we're going to be isolated or we're going to be a little bit freer to walk around the town, I don't think there's a right way or a wrong way, I think you're damned if you do something and you're damned if you don't to a certain degree.

"I found between those two examples I was probably middle ground. I've been through it as a player as well, there was boredom time, you can't keep them occupied all the time.

"Even that (looking at phones), is too long, you can be too long on that so it is worth it if you're going to win the World Cup.

"At the end of the day, every second of that boredom is worth it, and I think that's the attitude the players have got to have."

England start their Euro 2020 campaign against Croatia on Sunday at 2pm.

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