Gary Neville text Jamie Carragher "f*** City" during final game madness

Jamie Carragher has revealed Gary Neville text him saying "f*** City" during the Premier League final day madness.

The Sky Sports pundits were at Anfield and the Etihad respectively on Sunday (May 22) as Liverpool were pipped to the title by Manchester City. But they didn't let that stop them from communicating.

Speaking at The Overlap Live Fan Debate 4.0, Carragher explained how Neville told him it was Liverpool's title to lose with City 2-0 down against Aston Villa as they spoke over text. The former Reds defender said: "This has been going on all season, let me tell you this.

"Liverpool play Chelsea in the second game of the season, he's texting me right after the game. 'Liverpool aren't right, they're not right. They're not the same, they're not the same'.

"He tries to convince himself. Here you are, here you are. I'll tell what we'll do. We'll get his texts out from half-time."

Ex-United man Neville replied: "There's a bit of science, there's a bit of science behind my thought."

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"He's trying to kid himself," Carragher interuppted. Neville continued: "Do you know what, i think on Saturday, I think what's won Real Madrid those games…"

Before Neville could finish his sentence, Carragher exclaimed: "Oh no, we're going through the texts." A resigned Neville said: "I'll come onto the football in a bit."

Carragher began reading: "'F*** City. You do your job you'll win this. It's a f****** disaster of monstrous proportions'." That sparked laughter amongst those in attendance before he added: "The final one. 'I'm f****** off if you win this'."

Fortunately for Neville, he didn't need to f*** off anywhere as City pulled off a remarkable comeback to clinch the title by one point. And he later rubbed salt in Liverpool's wounds with a Manchester United quote on social media.

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