Fantasy Football player shares sneaky method for leaking team news and injuries

A Fantasy Football player known only as 'Henning' has said he is not sorry for leaking news of injuries to key players and has shared his sneaky method for playing the game.

'Henning', who is an Aston Villa fan from Norway, runs a Twitter account called 'FPL Insider' which highlights when a footballer has transferred a player out of their Fantasy Football team.

The account caused a big stir recently when it shared news that Villa players had swapped out captain Jack Grealish ahead of the club's match against Leicester City. Grealish didn't play and Villa lost 2-1.

FPL Insider has been criticised by a number of Premier League managers including Pep Guardiola and Dean Smith. Aston Villa players have now been banned from playing the game altogether.

In an interview with the BBC, Henning said he was "sorry not sorry" for the row he had caused and went on to explain the account's origins.

He said: "At the start it was very manual and tedious. I had to spend hours on Google, LinkedIn and Football Manager 21 to find staff and even junior players.

"It's a lot different between the clubs because some of the clubs have almost official team leagues. Wolves have a league where it's basically all the first team players.

"Everton had funny names that you really had to be clever to find out who they were."

The account has come a long way since those early days, and Henning now uses a specially designed bot to scan a player's fantasy football team for transfer news which is then automatically uploaded to FPL Insider.

Henning said he understands the frustration from managers, but stopped short of saying he would discontinue the account.

He added: "I can understand the frustration, but this is already available information. I'm just structuring it and packaging it in tweets.

"They know that opposition players play fantasy football weekly and I would imagine big clubs all have some kind of analyst that has access to this data already."

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