Fans in hysterics as Martin Keown calls 34-year-old a ‘brave young man’ on BBC

Fans have been left in hysterics after Martin Keown called 34-year-old Kamil Glik a ‘brave young man’.

The Arsenal legend was on commentary duty for BBC’s World Cup coverage of Poland vs Mexico on Tuesday when he made a howler.

Poland veteran Glik rose to head the ball in the first-half and was rewarded with a hilarious compliment from the retired hard-man. In a remarkable bit of commentary, Keown briefly appeared to forget that the ex-Monaco centre-back has been in the game since 2005.

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And fans on Twitter were quick to point out his gaffe, with one user writing: “Did Martin Keown just call Kamil Glik a young man,” along with several crying face emojis.

Another joked: “Can’t believe Martin Keown referred to Kamil Glik as a ‘young man’ earlier. He’s 34 and looks about 54.”

A third tweeted: “Martin Keown called Kamil Glik a young man is pleasing for all the 34y/o men out there.”

The trolling on Twitter did not end there for Keown, however. The pundit was called out for several other of his remarks as the game progressed.

One fan tweeted: "Keown saying Chicharito is too old to play in this World Cup while [Robert] Lewandowski is exactly the same age is the elite level of punditry I’ve come to expect of him.”

A second pointed out: “Feel like I must've misheard him but I'm sure Martin Keown just referred to the Mexico team as 'Mexicolians'.”

And a third jibed: “Keown, having difficulty accepting why Mexico have been the better team. ‘maybe the Poles are affected by the climate.'' It's 23C.”


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