Ex-footballer films adult content with partner – they’re the ‘F***ing Explorers’

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    Former Crystal Palace prospect Damian Oliver and fellow porn star partner Sophie Anderson go by the name of the 'F***ing Explorers' online – and for good reason.

    Damian met Sophie on the set of a group shoot last year and there were immediate sparks – and now they produce content together under their new nickname.

    The pair have opened up on what brought them together in the first place and made them so popular with their combined social media following of almost half a million people.

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    Speaking in the interview with Pleaser, Damian said: "We are so genuine… It’s not just work."

    The couple added that they like to cuddle and watch Netflix following a day of shooting, but admit that their usually nightly activity would be adult in nature.

    With Sophie also appearing on a Canadian quiz show, Damian has had plenty of different roles since his time with Crystal Palace as a youngster didn't go to plan.

    What would your back-up career be as a professional footballer? Let us know in the comments section.

    As well as the painting and decorating, Damian spent time behind bars before finding his true calling.

    Now playing semi-professionally for Croydon F.C, Damian spoke about his his football career on the Anything Goes with James English podcast last year.

    He said: "When I was at Crystal Palace, if I'd have stayed with them, then I could have been earning a lot more playing football. I used to fight as well, maybe that could have gone somewhere."

    He went on to add that having been active in meeting women during his younger days, his current vocation might well have been a logical career change.

    He added: "People used to say to me, 'you're doing it all anyway… you might as well get paid for it'.

    "But it wasn't until I had the confidence to actually do it, [that I realised] it was a whole different ball game."


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