Diego Maradona zones out in one of the strangest post-match interviews you’ll ever see

Managing doesn’t seem to be doing much to ground Diego Maradona. The Dorados de Sinaloa manager is known for his antics off the pitch these days, and when he was asked in a post-match interview what he thought of the level of play in MX’s top tier, he wasn’t out to change that reputation.

Specifically, Maradona was asked “what do you think about the level of the MX league.”

Just once, it would be hilarious to see Maradona give a big, verbose answer to one of these types of questions, but this is why people love him. It’s a wildly uncomfortable interview, and it doesn’t look like he’s thinking much about the top-tier Mexican division at all.

It took a while, but this is it. 2018’s best interview.

If Maradona did all of his interviews in song, they might be more coherent. He can party.

The Argentine legend took over as manager of the second-tier Mexican club in September, so he probably has a lot of catching up to do. In the meantime, some people had some fun with his non-answer.

Maradona is living his best life, and you’ve got to admire it. Dorados is 6-4-4 this season, seventh in Ascenso MX. It will look to improve its stock as Maradona learns more about the league.

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