Danny Murphy feared BBC sex noises were his fault and ‘couldn’t hear’ Lineker

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    Danny Murphy says he was terrified the now infamous sex noise prank during coverage of Liverpool's FA Cup clash with Wolves last week was his fault.

    During the pre-match build-up, jarringly-loud pornographic moans were heard every time the broadcast cut to Murphy, Gary Lineker and Paul Ince in the studio.

    It later transpired the show had been sabotaged by YouTuber Daniel Jarvis, who snuck into the studio earlier in the day and stuck a mobile phone to the back of the set, but for a while Murphy was concerned he was the accidental culprit.

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    "It was quite funny at first," BBC pundit Murphy told talkSPORT. "Initially, because it was so loud in the studio and it was, obviously, very off-putting. We thought maybe it was coming out the tannoy and that the whole stadium was getting it.

    "Then we realised that it was just us, so we were thinking ‘someone has got us here' … as every time we came back to the studio to speak … it would start again.

    "At that point I wasn't actually sure it wasn't me," Murphy joked when asked by presenter Jim White about Alan Shearer suggesting the former Liverpool midfielder's phone might be responsible. "The thing was, I got paranoid because Gary said it as well, so I thought 'better check my phone'. Luckily it was already turned off so I thought 'it can't be me'."

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    Murphy said the noises were so loud that he barely hear what his colleagues were saying.

    "It was quite funny at first," he admitted "… but after about five minutes it became tedious," he added.

    It might have been considered secondary entertainment after all the unexpected noises in the build-up, but Liverpool went on to book their place in the fourth round of FA Cup after beating Wolves a 1-0 victory, thanks to a Harvey Elliott 30-yard screamer.


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