Chelsea fans will now attend board meetings after European Super League debacle

Chelsea have become the first of the “Big Six” clubs to put supporter representation on the board.

It comes as a direct result of the backlash of the Blues being one of the clubs signing up to the European Super League along with Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham and Liverpool.

Chelsea fans protested outside of Stamford Bridge and the club quickly withdrew their support, while United and Arsenal supporters have also staged huge demonstrations since.

The Government has announced a full enquiry with more fan involvement likely to be one of the outcomes – and Chelsea say they will now involve three supporters from July 1.

Chelsea issued a statement which said: “Three supporter advisors, picked through an election and selection process, will attend board meetings to ensure general supporter sentiment is considered as part of the Club’s decision-making process.

“The Club will now consult with the Fans’ Forum and several non-official supporter groups to discuss the Club’s proposed process for picking the three supporter advisors.

“Criteria for nominations as well as final selection will ensure that the supporter presence is representative of our supporter base generally and is inclusive and diverse. A new selection will be made before the start of each season.

“Further information regarding this consultation will be communicated directly to the Fans’ Forum and the other non-official supporters groups in the coming days.

“The successful candidates will be required to enter into a confidentiality agreement, similar in scope to the confidentiality obligations of a member of the Chelsea Football Club board of directors. This will allow the Club to discuss and seek advice on a broad range of matters.

“The supporter advisors will not have any voting rights and will not participate in any meetings relating to players, staff, the Academy and related matters.

“Supporter advisors will attend approximately four meetings per year, and more if appropriate. If they complete the year successfully they will be entitled to select a UK registered charity to receive a contribution of £2,500 from the Club.”

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