Shocked Steele relieved after Lyon tackles Saints’ audio blunder

St Kilda skipper Jack Steele was more worried about insights rival clubs might have gained into the Saints’ game plan than whether anything was said that offended anyone when coach Ross Lyon told the players that audio from the coach’s box was inadvertently downloaded to the AFL’s central server.

The audio was uploaded to the league server, which all clubs can access, on Saturday morning and was there for about four hours. Steele and Lyon went through a transcript of what had been said during the practice match against Essendon and the skipper left comfortable that, although the mistake was regrettable, any potential impact of the team’s fortunes would be minimal.

St Kilda skipper Jack Steele was comfortable about the Sainst’ audio leak after coach Ross Lyon addressed the issue.Credit:Getty Images

“It was definitely a shock to begin with. It wasn’t what we were expecting to come out of Ross’ mouth when he spoke to us yesterday,” Steele said at the AFL captains day on Thursday.

“My biggest concern was definitely about game plan and what could have been said about our plan against Essendon and how clubs could use that against us going forward. Then there was [consideration about] the welfare of the players and what might have been said.

“I suppose for the younger players they may not know what goes on in a coach’s box and what can be said and how quick and witty things can be … all was pretty lighthearted and if something was said about a player they did not take offence.”

Steele revealed that Lyon also spoke to some players individually and everyone “was sweet”.

He said the coach, who returned to the Saints after the 2022 season, had already earned the players’ trust and their respect for him has been elevated by the way he handled the potentially awkward situation.

“The best thing was he was able to acknowledge the mistake that had been made, and he got on the front foot and told us. As a player and as a captain, that was pretty important to hear,” Steele said.

“He took me through the transcript of what was said and there was nothing that anyone would have been offended by, but again it was important that he addressed it … he has earned a level of respect from me and the players about the way he has gone through this whole situation.”

Steele said Lyon has demanded excellence from the moment he walked through the door, returning to the club he took within minutes of winning a flag in both 2009 and 2010.

“I’ve loved it so far,” Steele said.

“He walked in day one and has been demanding excellence and raising standards which is awesome.”

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