Worst F1 Silverstone crashes – Ferrari double including Schumacher

The British Grand Prix is the stuff of legends, a beloved regular in the Formula 1 calendar.

Held there more than 50 times, Silverstone is today the home of the UK’s date in the F1 calendar, playing host to the inaugural race of the first championship in 1950.

Nestled near the sleepy Northamptonshire village of Silverstone, the legendary racetrack that borrows its name is now a legendary part of the automotive world across various types of racing.

It has seen some of the most historic moments in the history of F1.

The plaything of arguably the finest driver the sport has ever seen, Lewis Hamilton, the man from Stevenage – which is just over an hour’s drive from the track – has won it a record-breaking eight times.

While so much greatness has played out there though, so too have shocking moments – huge crashes that are famous to this day for all the wrong reasons.

Michael Schumacher's Silverstone crash – 1999

The joint greatest F1 driver of all time, Michael Schumacher isn’t famous for his crashes as much as his genius – but they were known to happen from time to time.

It was Stowe corner that proved to be his undoing in the last British Grand Prix of the century, in a crash so bad he wouldn't race again until Malaysia, ending his hopes of a championship run.

He is thought to have suffered brake failure. He turned the steering wheel right too but continued to go straight on, off the track and into the gravel trap.

He smashed into a protective wall at a whopping 200kph after the race had already had a red flag when Rubens Barrichello and Jacques Villeneuve stalled on the grid.

A nasty smash indeed.

Jarno Trulli's Silverstone crash – 2004

Jarno Trulli was heading into Bridge Corner in the 40th lap of the 60 lap race at 167mph when the rear left suspension of his Renault gave out.

Now travelling backwards into the barriers, he spun and flipped, bouncing into the gravel trap.

He escaped unharmed.

Kimi Raikkonen's Silverstone crash – 2014

  • Fire sees key part of Silverstone evacuated minutes before British Grand Prix practice

Coming into Aintree, Kimi Raikkonen ran wide as the pack of cars headed onto the Wellington straight. In an effort not to lose too many places, he kept his foot on the gas but as he re-entered the track from the grass was fired into the air.

His Ferrari wildly out of control, he smashed into the bridge over the Wellington straight and careered back into the path of the cars still coming down, his car wiggling wildly as he wrestled with it.

A huge smash followed, as drivers piled into the area – Felipe Massa, unsighted, caught the rear of his Williams on the spinning Ferrari, bringing an end to his race.

When he emerged, Raikkonen was limping, the Finn thought to have sustained forces equal to 47 Gs.

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