Sky Sports F1 commentator Martin Brundle gets very close to the track

‘He’s basically high fiving the drivers!’: F1 fans joke that Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle is taking his ‘trackside analysis too far’ after being pictured ‘dangerously close to the cars’ at turn 10 in Monaco

  • Martin Brundle got very close to the track during Formula One second practice
  • Sky Sports commentator Brundle was analysing turn ten at Circuit de Monaco
  • F1 fans joked that all health and safety protocols had gone out of the window 

Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle got extremely close to the track during the second practice at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Brundle was trackside at turn ten to see how the drivers were coping on the Nouvelle chicane at Circuit de Monaco ahead of Sunday’s race. 

The former British racing driver was focusing on how the drivers were using the ‘curb to turn their cars’. However, the fans were focusing on something else.

Sky’s viewers couldn’t believe how close Brundle was to the action – with one fan joking all ‘health and safety protocols had gone out the window’. 

Brundle was not oblivious to his proximity to the cars. The former racing driver said that he felt as though he could ‘get in amongst the action’ from his position.  

Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle got very close to the track during F1 second practice

Twitter users joked that Brundle was so close he could have ‘high fived’ the drivers on the track

Others felt that the Sky Sports commentator was ‘dangerously close’ to the Formula 1 drivers 

Speaking on Sky Sports, Brundle said: ‘It’s fascinating down here actually seeing how the drivers use the furniture, the curb to turn their car. If you look at the inside rear tyre, it’s in the air, the car jacks, it’s like a three-wheeler. 

‘The right front goes over the curb, it jacks the car, the back then slides because one wheel is in the air, it positions the car beautifully for the exit so they can get the car as straight as possible as early as possible and get better traction. 

‘The McLaren was struggling for traction when it came through here early doors. You don’t know where to look next for action down here and I feel I can almost get in amongst them.’

Fans couldn’t help but take to Twitter to comment on Brundle’s positioning. One fan wrote: ‘Is Martin Brundle just out on track?’.  

Another Formula 1 fan wrote: ‘#Martinbrundle trackside at #MonacoGP sticking 2 fingers up to any health and safety’.

While one Twitter user added: ‘Martin Brundle basically high fiving drivers as they come through Nouvelle’.

Another social media user wrote the following: ‘Martin Brundle is really pushing the limits of “trackside” there.’

One said: ‘Honestly I was expecting it to be Carlos had to swerve to avoid martin Brundle standing in the middle of the track’.

While another Twitter user wrote: ‘Martin Brundle standing on the track whilst F1 cars fly past him is giving me anxiety’.

Max Verstappen finished first in final practice, with Carlos Sainz crashing after he clipped the inside barrier. 

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