Ottawa Senators for sale? Snapchat post sparks theories Robert Kraft is buying team

Is Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk considering selling the team?

A curious Snapchat post — ostensibly made by a user named Kathryn Kraft — is fueling rumors once more that Melnyk is considering selling the franchise to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

A photo, which was screenshotted and posted to Twitter, shows the interior of Canadian Tire Center, where the Senators play home games. The post contained three emojis as captions — a money bag, a handshake, and a shushing face.

The Senators have missed the playoffs the last two seasons and an Erik Karlsson-led squad that made the 2017 Eastern Conference finals was almost entirely gutted. That drop in success has fueled resentment against Melnyk, from rumors that swirled in June 2018 that the franchise’s oft-criticized chairman had declined an offer to sell the team to columns written that the NHL should step in and force Melnyk to sell.

The notion that one of North American sports’ most successful chairmen could purchase another franchise sparked major Twitter discussion Saturday. 

Reporter John Shannon refuted the rumor, claiming that while potential ownership groups are “kicking tires” on purchasing the Senators, Kraft is not among them.

Furthermore, there is no confirmation that the Snapchat user has any relation to the Patriots owner. Kraft has four sons, but there is not any publicly available information on his grandchildren.

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