A Montreal Canadiens fan was eating a full tub of mayonnaise at a game vs. Stars and we have some questions

Mayonnaise is a highly-debated condiment — you might like it in moderation, love it, or hate it. This one Montreal Canadiens fan appears to be one of the ones that loves it — really loves it.

The Dallas Stars posted a video to their social media of a Canadiens fan caught on the jumbotron eating a full tub of mayonnaise at Saturday’s game between the two clubs. She appeared to be sharing with a fellow fan next to her, who dipped his fries in the condiment while she ate spoonfuls of it alone.

We . . . we have no words.

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How did she get a tub of mayonnaise into the arena? We guess there’s no reason not to allow it, but at any rate — it’s unacceptable. . . right?

Also, can we have hope that maybe it wasn’t truly mayo and was something else, like ice cream or whipped cream? Probably — because dipping fries into those would also be a questionable move. 

Regardless, we do have to applaud this fan for not being afraid to watch her favorite team in person — in enemy territory, to boot — while eating one of her favorite foods. You do you, Habs fan. You do you.

Unfortunately for them, the Stars scored shortly after she was displayed on the jumbotron, and they ultimately won 4-1.

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