Yes, Georgia got a nice win against Florida, but the Bulldogs aren’t title contenders yet

In the moments after a win against Florida, several Georgia fans took to Twitter – presumably before resuming their celebration over a 36-17 victory in the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” – to retweet an apparently irksome comment.

It was something I said last week on the Paul Finebaum Show, in the wake of the Bulldogs’ 20-point loss to LSU: “Maybe we overrated Georgia in the first part of the season a little bit based on last year.”

It seemed like a fairly innocuous comment; not quite milquetoast, not exactly insanely strong. But when tweeted by the @finebaum account, it caused a fair amount of consternation from Georgia fans. And then Saturday evening, when Georgia’s 36-17 victory over Florida was complete, another round of retweeting occurred.

That’s fine – just part of the gig – even as it shows even a mild comment can be taken as a big insult.

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