Super Bowl Challenge: Sign up to play and pick your winners from the playoffs

Who is making a run all the way to Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay and hoisting aloft the Vince Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, February 7?

It’s NFL playoffs time! And you can follow all of the excitement, and put your knowledge to the test, by playing the Super Bowl Challenge.

Click on the video above to find out more about the game, and register to play by clicking here.

Two points are awarded for each correct pick made, with bonus multiplier points added for correct predictions made in respect of subsequent rounds – for example, a divisional round winner predicted before the start of the playoffs earns four points, a conference winner earning eight and Super Bowl winner 16.

At the end of each week you can alter your predictions for the remaining games in the playoffs.

The NFL Overtime team (Tuesdays, 9pm, Sky Sports NFL) have had a go at playing along and you can see who they’ve picked by watching the video below.

Jeff Reinebold’s picks

“You could say that this is a perfect bracket – so if you want to photocopy this and sent it in, you’re smart.”

Josh Denzel’s picks

“I’ve gone with the Titans over the Ravens because I don’t think you can truly trust the Ravens to play well in the postseason. I feel like the Titans will do just enough, but they are losing in the next round anyway, because anyone who plays the Chiefs is losing.”

Hannah Wilkes’ picks

“I’ve gone bold. I have a feeling about the Buccaneers. Picking them over the Packers gave me the most pause for thought but, as much as I love Aaron Rodgers – and I still think he’s the league MVP – things just seem to go Tom Brady’s way at this time of the year.”

The Around The NFL podcast heroes have also taken on the Super Bowl Challenge, picking their playoff bracket winners – see who they’ve picked by watching the video below.

Sign up, challenge your friends and family, join a private league, or just compete against other NFL fans up and down the country. Register to play by clicking here.

Remember you can join the Sky Sports NFL mini-league by heading to the ‘Join a League’ page on and searching for ‘Sky Sports NFL’ or using this code GJJ64TF2

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