Steelers' Claypool: 'Browns are going to get clapped' by Chiefs in Divisional Round

The Browns shocked the football world with their win over the rival Steelers last night, and while Cleveland’s fans savor the sweet taste of a playoff Victory Monday, at least one Steeler is more on the salty side.

Pittsburgh receiver Chase Claypool took to TikTok Live on Monday following his team’s 49-38 upset loss to Cleveland and admitted he and his teammates played poorly. If Cleveland’s 28-0 first-quarter run — a record-setting output for most points in the first quarter of a playoff game, by the way — wasn’t enough proof, Claypool guaranteed those watching knew the Steelers are aware their defeat was an ugly one.

Having said that, Claypool still didn’t exactly show much respect for the team that took a 35-10 lead on his Steelers into halftime Sunday night.

“Bad loss, but um, the Browns are going to clapped next week,” Claypool said in a video reposted by ESPN, “so it’s all good.”

Claypool’s take is somewhat valid, seeing as the Browns’ advancement past the Steelers puts them on a direct path to the home of the defending Super Bowl champions. The Browns don’t have the best defense, giving up 553 yards of offense to the Steelers, who threw for 501 yards in a desperate comeback attempt on Sunday night. But they do have a knack for forcing turnovers, recording five takeaways in the wild-card win.

We have an entire week to analyze Cleveland’s Divisional Round matchup with Kansas City, which we’ll certainly discuss until we’re blue in the face. But that’s the Browns’ and Chiefs’ game to win or lose. Claypool will be sitting at home, left only to hope the team that clapped his squad receives such treatment from another.

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