Packers fans, analysts rip Ty Montgomery for bad late-game decision, fumble

Packers running back/return specialist Ty Montgomery made one of the most ill-advised plays of the season Sunday, possibly costing the Packers a win against the Rams.

With two minutes remaining and the Packers trailing 29-27 in Los Angeles, Montgomery fielded a kickoff two yards deep in the end zone and ran it out. That was a questionable decision. What happened next compounded the matter. Around the 20, with Rams closing in, he put his head down to fight for extra yardage and fumbled. The Rams recovered to seal the victory.

You absolutely CANNOT fumble in this

So instead of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers having a chance to lead yet another late-game comeback, the Packers lost, falling to 3-3-1.

Rodgers was clearly unhappy, as cameras showed him on the sideline looking incredulous after Montgomery’s fumble.

#Packers QB Aaron Rodgers reacts to Ty Montgomery’s fumble, sealing a victory for the #Rams. Once again, Rodgers is denied an opportunity to lead a comeback

After the game, Packers coach Mike McCarthy defended Montgomery.

“You trust your players,” McCarthy said. “Tough plays, tough decisions. Ty was just trying to make a play.”

Packers fans and NFL analysts, however, were not so forgiving, roasting Montgomery on Twitter.

Ty Montgomery just lost the game trying to run a guy over for no reason

Disgusted. The offense and defense played extremely well most of this game in which we were massive underdogs. We’re given a chance to win it and a selfish, horrible decision by Ty Montgomery threw it all away. No reason for him to be on the team.

Ty Montgomery owes us all a refund. Rodgers was about to break the internet.

Exactly what I said. It was a poor decision by Ty Montgomery but an even worse decision by special teams coach Ron Zook not to order him to take a knee.

The Packers Locker room when Ty Montgomery enters:

Aaron Rodgers after the Ty Montgomery run it out giveaway. Can’t blame him. Wow.

Ty Montgomery. Unbelievable. All you have to do is kneel in the end zone and let Aaron Rodgers work his magic

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