NFL Week 10 QB Power Rankings: Midseason Most Valuable Player (aka Quarterback) candidates

Last week we mentioned in this space the Panthers were brewing up another MVP-caliber season from Cam Newton. Newton is definitely on the short list.

But why bother making it a short list for the MVP award? One quarter of the way into the season we did a full, long list of every starting quarterback in the NFL based on how we would put them in the current MVP standings.

Let’s do the same at the arbitrary midpoint of the season as well; every team has played eight games now, so we have plenty to work with. So bear in mind the rankings this week are more cumulative based on how people have played over the course of a half season than it is reflective of who is playing well at this very moment. There’s always a blend anyway, but this is highly specific about the criteria — if there’s anyone who only played a few games because of injury, they’re going to be dinged. If your team looks like it might not make the playoffs at this point, you’re gonna get dinged. 

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To the rankings:

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