NFL may ask fans to sign coronavirus waivers to attend games

The NFL is considering a requirement for fans to sign a coronavirus waiver in order to attend games this season, The Athletic reported on Wednesday.

That is if they are allowed on site at all – the state of New York has issued new guidelines for professional sports, not only prohibiting fans from attending games but also barring them from gathering outside venues.

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If those rules remain in place this autumn, that would mean the fabled Bills Mafia would not be allowed to tailgate ahead of Buffalo home games in Orchard Park.

New York’s “Phase 4” regulations regarding physical distancing state, “No live audience, fans, or spectators are allowed to attend or permitted to enter any professional sports venue, even if an outdoor venue. Prohibit fans from congregating outside the venue and implement a security plan to safely disperse any individuals that gather outside of the venue.”

As for the NFL’s waiver, which is expected to be sent to teams next week, fans who sign would forfeit their right to sue the league if they contracted the coronavirus at a stadium, according to The Athletic.

The waiver is one of a few changes the league is mulling. Facemasks and cashless operations in the stadiums are also being considered, according to the report.

The Athletic reported signing the waiver is something that likely would be done electronically.

The NFL is already requiring teams to put a tarp over the first six to eight rows to provide more distance between fans and the players.

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