NFL flexes Steelers-Jaguars out of ‘Sunday Night Football’ for Week 11, elevates Vikings-Bears

The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered a rare prime-time sack.

The NFL removed one of its most popular teams from the "Sunday Night Football" slot in Week 11 … but likely not due to insufficient interest in the AFC North leaders or the potential 2018 debut of Le'Veon Bell, who is expected to end his holdout by Nov. 13.

The real problem was the Black and Gold are scheduled to play the sinking Jaguars in Jacksonville. And even though the chirpy Jags swept the Steelers in 2017, including a stunning divisional round playoff upset at Heinz Field — after Bell had essentially dismissed them on social media — the league is moving on.

Instead, the country will be treated to Vikings at Bears from Soldier Field on Nov. 18 in a contest of teams "virtually tied" — Major League Baseball parlance — for the NFC North lead. Minnesota is currently 5-3-1 while upstart Chicago is 5-3 and, technically, percentage points ahead at the moment.

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