Michael Thomas impersonates former Saints great Joe Horn with cellphone TD celebration

After scoring on a 72-yard touchdown reception late in the Saints’ win over the Rams, Michael Thomas went immediately to the goalpost, pulled out a cellphone, and promptly proceeded to pretend to make a call.

Michael Thomas breaks out the Joe Horn cell phone touchdown celebration pic.twitter.com/Y30blsogVs

If the scene looked maddeningly familiar, it’s because we’ve seen an act just like it before. In a 2003 game against the Giants, former Saints star Joe Horn hauled in touchdown pass, went to the goalpost, produced a cellphone and pretended to make a call.

Mike Thomas did the Joe Horn pic.twitter.com/WvFJ9RoG24

Twitter had mixed emotions on Thomas’ throwback celebration, with some chastising him for the unsportsmanlike penalty. But in the end, the penalty didn’t hurt the Saints, who went on to win, 45-35. Thomas ended up with 12 receptions for a team-record 211 yards … and a TD celebration that left fans talking.

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