Jim Harbaugh has finally built a Michigan team in his image — absolutely ruthless

It took four years, but Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has finally built a team in his own image.

Absolutely ruthless.

“There are so many identities,” Michigan linebacker Josh Uche said, of this team. “Fast. Physical. Angry. Emotional. Greedy.”

Yes, the Wolverines are all of those things.

They don’t just want to play — they want to demolish.

They don’t just want to win — they want to decimate, which is what Michigan did on  Saturday, routing Penn State, 42-7, in the Big House. 

A revenge tour? That might be underselling it. The Wolverines want to crush you and your family and take your lunch money and then make you fall to your knees and rub your nose in it.

Which is Jim Harbaugh personified.

This team has taken on his personality. His real personality. Not the guy who was doing satellite tours. Not the guy who was doing sleepovers at a recruit's house and creating headlines every time he turned around. That was all for show, trying to get recruits.

The real Jim Harbaugh? He pokes his finger in your eye, trying to run up the score against Penn State.

He’s the guy who says stuff, just to agitate Michigan State.

He couldn't care less. And neither could this team.

It’s a singular focus and mentality that has seeped into every aspect of this team.

“I’m proud of them — put an explanation point on how proud I am,” Harbaugh said, smiling and slamming his fist on the table.

It’s a ruthless mentality that started with some ruthless moves in the off-season, after Harbaugh took a hard look at his program and overhauled part of his coaching staff.

And it has worked out marvelously for the Wolverines, who seem to get better every week, making every game personal.

“Yeah, these are personal,” Harbaugh said. “You are striving for happiness.”

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