How two recusals on the College Football Playoff committee could impact Oklahoma’s case

The good news is the leftovers. When committee members leave the Bluebonnet Boardroom, they routinely make a beeline to the buffet table, where a breakfast item has been left out at their request.

Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich, who served on the College Football Playoff selection committee from 2014-17, recalls “the best bacon any of us had ever had – so we’d nibble on it while we were outside.” And understand, Radakovich was outside a lot. Whenever Clemson was discussed – and given the Tigers’ performances these last few years, this happened often – Radakovich was asked to leave the boardroom because of the playoff’s recusal policy.

He would get some work done for his day job. If necessary, he’d do some last-minute homework on the remaining teams to be discussed and ranked. And yeah, he’d wonder what was being said inside the room.

“The bacon tray was always remaining,” Radakovich says, “so that was a positive.”

We bring this up because even on a week when the top 10 did not change at all – we know, they bring a clean sheet of paper and rank teams as though the season was over and they had not ranked them a week earlier – there was likely plenty of discussion of teams’ strengths and weaknesses. And that meant for at least part of the meeting, two committee members had to leave the room.

When the committee discussed Oklahoma, or voted on the group of teams Oklahoma was bunched with, Joe Castiglione was banished to that very nice holding room. That's as it should be; as Oklahoma’s athletic director, he’s recused from anything related to his school. But Frank Beamer, the retired Virginia Tech coach whose son Shane Beamer is an Oklahoma assistant coach, joined him.

Presumably they ate bacon and traded small talk. What they did not do was participate in anything regarding Oklahoma – creating a situation in which discussions and debates involving the team currently ranked No. 6 is conducted with only 11 of 13 committee members.

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