Here’s how expensive it is to see the Eagles and Jaguars in London, according to StubHub

In 2018, nobody really needs anymore proof that London loves itself some NFL football.

After all, if the Jacksonville Jaguars, of all teams, can win over thousands of fans from the United Kingdom, well, just about any NFL team can. And one look at the stands at Wembley Stadium during London games — and the diversity of team colors on display — is evidence of that.

Want another reason that London is all about the NFL? The ticket prices for this Sunday’s early-morning matchup between the Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles.

As of Thursday morning, StubHub, the secondary ticket marketplace, had a number of seats still available for the Week 7 affair. The cheapest available section? The upper level, with prices starting at £275, or more than $350 in American currency.

And if you think that sounds expensive, the £275 cost doesn’t include taxes and fees. According to NBC Sports Philadelphia, the cheapest tickets to see the Eagles and Jags in London are actually more like £334, which comes out to more than $430.

If you’re looking for a lower-level seat, that’ll run you at least £700, which is about $900 before taxes and fees.

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Try convincing us that London isn’t head over heels for football now. UK games have generally been among the NFL’s most expensive of the season, but the contrast between watching the Eagles and Jaguars at Wembley is still stark. Take, for instance, the starting price of tickets for Jacksonville’s next game, which comes Nov. 11 against the Indianapolis Colts: A measly $21. That means you could buy about 21 seats at the Jags-Colts game — a divisional rivalry, no less! — for the price of one in London. A whole row to yourself.

Even the Eagles’ next game, a prime-time, Sunday night rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys, starts at just $139 on StubHub.

London fans will have a chance to eclipse even those ticket prices by attending an Eagles-Jaguars Pep Rally, two of which will be held this weekend. StubHub is offering tickets to those events for about £155, which will run you about $199.

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