Get your popcorn ready: Classic NFL celebrations we most want to see repeated next

The NFL is a copycat league, they say. 

And imitating famous touchdown celebrations from years ago seems to be a thing now.

This is a very welcome development. 

On Sunday, Michael Thomas replicated Joe Horn's famous cellphone celebration from 2003. Then, on "Monday Night Football," the Titans' Kevin Byard channeled Terrell Owens' maneuver from 2000 by celebrating an interception on the Cowboys' midfield star logo.

We're on a real roll here.

So, which classic NFL celebrations do we most want to see mimicked next?

For your convenience, we made a list:

13. Ickey Woods' Ickey Shuffle — Not a big ask here. A Bengals running back — we're looking at you, Joe Mixon — scores a touchdown, then promptly busts out the dance the one-year wonder running back made famous back in 1988.

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