From columns to pool halls to sports bars, Missouri has plenty of gameday treasures to discover

One of the more recent additions to the SEC calls Columbia, Missouri, home. The Tigers were just added to the conference in 2012 alongside Texas A&M, but Missouri already has plenty of tradition. While the team has struggled in recent years, its first few SEC seasons got off to a rousing start and there’s always a lot of excitement around the “Big M.”

The first thing to see on campus is a glimpse of its history. The columns on campus stand as the perfect backdrop for photos and the perfect meeting place for “super secret gatherings.” They’re one of the first places to hit up on Missouri’s campus if you want to show people the heart of Columbia’s history. They’ve barred the original academic hall since the 1840s, and seen the campus grow into what it is today.

The next place to check out is Booche’s, a pool hall that isn’t much younger than the columns. Booche’s has stood since 1884, and it’s got some absolutely unbelievable burgers. Booche’s has benefited from the travel of SEC teams, and its 1960s-style burgers are its main draw (along with the old-school aesthetic, of course).

Finally, Harpo’s Bar and Grill is where you want to watch the game. The sports bar is like a second Missouri stadium, and there are tons of games and drinks for fans to entertain themselves with. The bar is among the best spots in Missouri to watch the Tigers, so if you want that SEC feel, this is the place to be.

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