Five ways to unlock Baker Mayfield’s potential in 2020

    Former NFL safety Matt Bowen is a veteran of four teams over seven seasons, and now provides analysis for ESPN Insider.

There is plenty of reason to believe Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield can have a big 2020 season — even after a disappointing 2019 campaign.

After being the No. 1 overall pick in 2018 and showing potential once he took over the starting job a few weeks into his rookie year, Mayfield managed to complete just 59.4% of his passes in Year 2, throwing just 22 touchdown passes compared to 21 interceptions. He looked shaky behind a poor offensive line, even with improved playmakers around him.

So why the sudden optimism for Mayfield in 2020? He has potentially his best set of offensive weapons, and another year of experience never hurts. But the big reason Mayfield might be able to turn it around and make a lot of noise this season is his new coach and the scheme he is bringing to Cleveland. Mayfield will be in a better position to succeed in Kevin Stefanski’s system than he was last season under Freddie Kitchens.

Here are five ways that new scheme could lead to success for Mayfield, and what we can expect from the Browns’ QB under Stefanski.

The tight end impact in Stefanski’s system

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