Did Tom Brady just inspire an 'Old Town Road' remix?

Lil Nas X’s latest ‘Old Town Road’ remix featured Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug and Walmart yodeler Mason Ramsey.

His next ‘Old Town Road’ remix might just feature the G.O.A.T.

Tom Brady’s horseback tribute to 2019’s breakout hit might’ve inspired the collaboration of the millennium.

if u wanted a remix all u had to do was ask https://t.co/CpanhTao2h

Lil Nas X better hit the studio soon. New England rings in its Super Bowl LIII title on Sept. 8 and both quarterback and artist clearly want a performance to happen.

As if Gillette Stadium fans weren’t spoiled enough, there’s this Twitter exchange:

sign me tf up ��! https://t.co/VHzqKYEttv

Can’t nobody tell me nothin’ — unless its the fact that a Patriots-themed ‘Old Town Road’ remix is the perfect way to celebrate Brady’s sixth Lombardi Trophy.

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