Bottom 25 college football rankings: It keeps getting worse for Rutgers as playoff push begins

The first set of 2018 College Football Playoff Rankings will be released on Tuesday night, but everybody knows that The Bottom 25 are the only rankings that matter. Everything else is just window dressing. Still, the CFP Rankings has The Bottom 25 thinking about The Bottom 25 Playoffs. We’re quickly approaching the end of the regular season. Quicker than I’d like to be, honestly, but not even The Bottom 25 can stop the ceaseless flow of time.

The calendar will flip to November in a few short days, and as things currently stand, I believe there are 11 or 12 teams with a good shot at qualifying for The Bottom 25 Playoff. Only one winless team remains following San Jose State’s victory over UNLV, but there are 10 one-win teams left, and it’s not impossible that a two-win team could finagle its way into the Bottom 4 as well.

There’s a lot left to lose for this season.

No longer ranked: UMass (15)

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