Baylor vs. Oklahoma St. Live updates Score, results, highlights, for Saturday’s NCAAF game

Oklahoma St. will challenge Baylor on the road at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. Coming off of a win even when the odds were against them, Oklahoma St. have to be feeling especially confident now that the spread is in their favor.

Oklahoma St. had a rough outing against Kansas St. three weeks ago, but a little bit of home cooking seems to have fixed things right up. Oklahoma St. had just enough and edged out Texas 38-35. No one put up better numbers for Oklahoma St. than Taylor Cornelius, who brought his A game into the match. He passed for 321 yards and 3 touchdowns. Taylor Cornelius has made a name for himself in their last six games, proving himself to be a reliable offensive weapon.

Meanwhile, it was a game Baylor is hoping to forget as they lost a 58-14 blowout to West Virginia last Thursday. Baylor was in a tough position by the half, with the score sitting at 41-0.

Oklahoma St.’s win lifted them to 5-3 while Baylor’s loss dropped them down to 4-4. With four turnovers, Baylor had trouble holding onto the ball. We’ll see if Oklahoma St. exploit that vulnerability.

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