Rockets vs. Lakers brawl: Brandon Ingram says he takes ‘full responsibility,’ but Rajon Rondo doesn’t want to talk about it

The Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers didn’t waste any time in turning up the intensity on this new NBA season. Just a few nights into the season, the two Western Conference foes got into a brawl late in the fourth quarter of their matchup over the weekend. 

Now, the players involved have spoken to the media for the first time since the incident. Brandon Ingram, who sparked things initially by shoving James Harden, then later rejoined the fray to throw a punch at Chris Paul, was given a four-game suspension by the league. Early on Monday afternoon, Ingram said he was happy the suspension wasn’t longer, and pledged to take “full responsibility.” 

Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo, who turned things up a notch by spitting on Chris Paul, which led to the fracas, didn’t have much to say. Rondo earned himself a three-game suspension. 

This is an interesting contrast in reactions, though ultimately not too surprising. Ingram did indeed spark things with his unnecessary shove on Harden, and as a young player still trying to prove himself in the league, he’ll be eager to put the event behind him. Rondo, meanwhile, has always been an interesting guy, and this dismissive response isn’t out of character from him. 

The brawl began late in the fourth quarter, when Ingram shoved Harden after being called for a foul on the fastbreak. Ingram then squared up to an official, who was standing in between him and the Rockets guard. 

As players gathered around that incident, Rondo appeared to spit on Paul, which led to Paul poking Rondo in the face. In retaliation, Rondo popped Paul with a left hook, and tried to follow up before he was held back. Paul got in an uppercut of his own, while Ingram then come running back in, winding up for a haymaker that didn’t end up doing much damage. 

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