Oh Look, Russell Westbrook And Patrick Beverley Still Hate Each Other

The sun rises and sets, people die and are born, and a grudge grudges between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley. The years-long feud flared up again last night during the Thunders’ 128-110 win over the Clippers, with Westbrook whipping out the “rocking a baby” celebration after scoring on Beverley, Beverley diving at Westbrook’s knees while going for a loose ball, earning him a flagrant 1, and both of them yelling at each other and ending up with technicals.

In the first quarter:

In the third, the two yapped at each other after Beverley went for the loose ball, resulting in double technicals:


This play also earned Beverley a flagrant 1, which he later said he didn’t deserve.

“I went for a loose ball. What you think happened? Somebody walked to our bench doing all that cappin’ stuff; I don’t know what that is. Walked to our bench doing this, and all that, and things went kind of haywire from there of course. Two competitors, no one’s going to back down, no one did, two technicals, continue playing.”


After the game, Westbrook addressed the play this way, per ESPN: “I have no comment on it. I just know that we won.”

The fact that the Russell Westbrook-Patrick Beverley feud is still a thing, five years after Beverley injured Westbrook’s knee in the playoffs, is a testament to both players’ impressive commitment to beef.

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